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Merc Collectibles - Set of 4

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We were glow plugs, spark plugs, connecting rods, gears from the transmission, differential wheel and differential pinion from the axle, valve springs, nuts and bolts. We’re in our new avatar, a show piece - A Car, A Bike, A Helicopter and A Keychain.

Now we’re handcrafted and have a unique design which will catch the attention of all. You would definitely want to take a closer look at us - especially when parts of us come from the luxury of Mercedes. Our good looks makes us perfect for your collection at home or office.

Car - Length: 8.5". Width: 5.25". Height: 2.25”
Bike - Length: 12.5". Width: 3.5". Height: 6”
Helicopter - Length: 10". Width: 6.25". Height: 5.25”
Keychain – Diameter: 0.75” Height: 4.75”

Car: 1.265 kg
Bike: 1.820 kg
Helicopter: 1 kg
Keychain: 50 grams

Cast Iron. Nickel. Alloys. Aluminium Oxide. Ceramic. Steel. Copper

Important Note: Due to the recycled and handmade nature of my shape, each one of me is unique and will vary a bit.