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Kitaabee Jugadu

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I was different parts of a scrapped automobile. I'm in my new avatar, a Bookends and I come in a pair.

I am a unique design pieced together into a single soul. We were scrapped pieces of metal, with decades of history behind us - now reborn into a handcrafted design, to last for decades more to come.

I will add a sense of wondrous curiosity to any space. Moreover, I'm a "pop of colour" to accent your space.

My sturdy structure makes me a perfect gifting option for yourself and others. 

Size:  Length: 7.25” Height: 7.25” Width: 1.5”.
Material: Cast Iron, Mild Steel.
Weight: 2.81 kgs.
Quantity: Set of two

Important Note: Due to the recycled and handmade nature of my shape, each one of me is unique and will vary a bit.