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Earrings Keeper

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I was a rocker shaft, clutch plate and gears. I'm in my new avatar, a Jewellery Stand.

I was a driven plate located in the gearbox which transmitted power between flywheel & pressure plate being extremely useful.

Now, I'm uniquely designed to be a very important part of a women's wardrobe- the jewellery stand.

Women are very particular about their jewellery that it should be kept in a good condition and not get tangled and hence I'm the perfect solution. Apart from being a modern piece, I am extremely useful and a must buy!

I'm available in two colours - Green and Brown. 

Size: Length: 7.5". Width: 4.5". Height: 14.75". 
Material: Cast iron, Stainless Steel.
Weight: 880 Grams

Important Note: Due to the recycled and handmade nature of my shape, each one of me is unique and will vary a bit.