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Crankshaft Stool

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I was a crank shaft and a disc plate. I'm in my new avatar, a stool.

I come from the heart of the car - A Crankshaft, sometimes casually called the crank. I use to be a part of an engine that changes the up and down motion into rotation and further transmits the energy created to various parts of the vehicle. My base and the top comes from the thrilling ride of a bike - A Disc Plate. I was a device that halted the rotation of a wheel on braking.

After decades of history behind us, we were scrapped but soon found ourselves reborn into one unique handcrafted design - to last for decades more to come.

My good looks and uncommon charm makes me a perfect choice either for your home or office.

Size: Diameter 12". Height: 14".
Material: Cast Iron.
Weight: 13 kg

Important Note: Due to the recycled and handmade nature of my shape, each one of me is unique and will vary a bit.