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Ash-Daan Brass

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I was a part of the car's engine and transmission. In my new avatar, I am an Ashtray.

I'm designed to be functional. The ash stays in and the butts don't fall out. I come with a removable cover making is easy for you to clean me.

I'm old school and have a beautifully grooved cylinder shaped body. I'm becoming antique as in new cars I'm being replaced by so called better versions. I'm difficult to salvage as the cars or engines are not dismantled with care in the scrapyard. Hence, making my journey to you a special one. 

Size: Diameter-3.25" Height-3".
Material: Cast Iron. Brass.
Weight: 713 Grams.

Important Note: Due to the recycled and handmade nature of my shape, each one of me is unique and will vary a bit.