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Our Inspiration

Our story began when we simply noticed a broken down bench at Worli seaface. We brainstormed on different ways we could make use of it. When you notice it once, you start noticing it everywhere. Soon we began brainstorming with other things - a broken down door, tin cans, tyres, car wasting away, etc. We never knew then but that first moment had sowed its seed of a different way of life.

A few weeks later we visited an uncommon site; a scrapyard. And in these piles and piles of scrap metal, we found our inspiration in the magnitude of shapes and textures. This is where our thoughts started conspiring, where the scrap metal took its new form and in its untold history, discarded as so much waste was its new identity a new story.

At KaReGhar, we handpick and handcraft products, a single piece at a time. Made from parts in the transmission and disc plates, combined with metal sheets, pipes, nuts and bolts – these nearly raw industrial designs are perfect for your home or office. They are not just functional products but functional pieces of Art to accent your space; crafted with a goal to simply make a positive impact on all of us and our environment.