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About Us

Rightly said by Pablo Picasso “Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.” With the same zeal to transform and re-create, a courageous team brings out the best of creativity with scrap. Hidden in the piles of scrap metal lies a beautiful story. A story of transformation, beauty and art. The shapeless and lifeless scrap metal pieces experience a re-birth. At our magical garage, KaReGhar, we handpick and handcraft products, a single piece at a time. An amazing amalgamation of these pieces create the most beautiful and artistic pieces perfect to add more charisma to your home or workplace. These functional pieces are transformed to admirable pieces of art with a goal of adding our contribution to our dear environment.

Our current range of products focusses on old automobile parts - can be scraps of motor bikes or cars - and we convert them into handy usable items with a sense of industrial design that will look pretty in your space or can be great for gifting. All our products are hand crafted.


The Team


Passionate since childhood about Superbikes especially Yamaha R6 “his first love”. He draws his inspiration from his love for bikes. He would listen to the roar of bikes and simply gaze unto them - no wonder he put them to the best use when not a part of a functional bike. We Indians live life ‘Jugaad style’, skilled with his street smart and analytical ways, his inspiration here hits close to home. At KaReGhar, he brings the designs to reality.



Creative from a young age - she has always painted outside the box. A deep thinker, who lets her imagination run wild with the possibilities even when there appears to be none. There is no “Do or Die” for her. Every challenge is acceptable - just like bringing scrap back to life. At KaReGhar, she conceives each crafted piece adding soul to it.


An initiative of The Whiteboard.Company

The Whiteboard.Company believes and supports KaReGhar in many ways. TWC, as it is commonly known, has been in the business of digital marketing, technology solutions & business re-engineering. With KaReGhar, TWC ventures into becoming an incubator for disruptive ideas - long term dream achieved. Read more about the TWC ethos here.